Student Organizations

At the ECU SoDM, our student leaders are devoted to diversity in dentistry and dental education. Several of our organizations are committed to promoting the inclusion of minorities within the field of dentistry:

Student National Dental Association (SNDA)
The purpose of this organization shall be as follows: 1) To promote and encourage an increase in minority enrollment and retention in all dental schools. 2) To be committed to the improvement of the delivery of dental health to all people, with an emphasis on minorities and/or the underserved. 3) To provide time and skill in assisting those programs within the greater community which require some measure of dental treatment. 4) To contribute to the welfare of dental students. 5) To educate and involve its members in the social, moral, and ethical obligations of the profession of dentistry. 6) To promote a viable academic and social environment which is conducive to the mental health of minority students. 7) To aid in the transition into National Dental Association membership. 8) To help undergraduate students through assistance and support of Undergraduate Student National Dental Association chapters.

Hispanic Student Dental Association (HSDA)
The mission of the ECU HSDA is to provide dental students the opportunity to serve the growing Hispanic population of eastern North Carolina through community service and outreach, as well as create an environment to celebrate and share Latin American culture, customs, and the Spanish language.

ECU Women in Dentistry
The purpose of ECU Women in Dentistry is to create a supportive environment for the advancement of East Carolina University School of Dental Medicine (ECU SoDM) female dental students through mentorship and collaboration, to facilitate professional growth through collaboration and service, and to empower all women to succeed in their endeavors.