Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

An important part of the ECU School of Dental Medicine’s promise to the people of North Carolina is our pledge to open doors to a dental education for talented and promising students who represent our state’s cultural, economic and social diversity.

Our students, faculty, staff and residents are all part of a vibrant and diverse family that brings together a variety of perspectives, experiences and ideals that contribute to our growth, performance and ability to serve our patients and communities.

Learn more about how the School of Dental Medicine is built on a legacy that celebrates diversity and culture and promotes equity and inclusion.

Commitment to Diversity

ECU School of Dental Medicine defines diversity and equity as embracing and promoting an inclusive community that authentically represents the seen and unseen in a widespread context of different races, ages, ethnicities, cultures, national origins, religions, sexual orientations, sexes, genders, LGBTQ +, rurality, geography, veteran or military status, abilities, disabilities, socioeconomic statuses, parental status, intellectual positions, values, beliefs, languages and perspectives.

The ECU School of Dental Medicine’s vision, mission and values underscore the alignment of the School’s commitment to diversity with the University Definition of Diversity, Diversity Goal and Diversity Vision. The School of Dental Medicine is committed to building and sustaining a collaborative professional community of students, residents, staff and faculty who reflect the diversity of our state.

Inclusion and Diversity Committee Members

ASDA Diversity Officer
Class of 2023
Class of 2024
Class of 2025
Class of 2026
Ex Officio
Dr. Roopwant Kaur
Mr. Tarrick Cox
Dr. Azeez Aileru
Dr. Mahmoud Al-Dajani, CSLC – Elizabeth City
Dr. Vanessa Pardi
Dr. Nikki Tucker
Dr. Taylor Purks
Ms. Keyla Acosta-Rodriguez
Ms. Elisabeth Boykin
Ms. Janet Brooks
Ms. Dominique Coleman
Ms. Lisa Finch
Ms. Monica Foss
Ms. Tamika Perkins
Ms. Linda McLaurin, CSLC – Lillington
Mr. Markus Mosely
Ms. Courtney Williams
Ms. Cherina Jo McKnight, Ms. Pari Prahalad, Ms. Brianna Smith
Ms. Kala Gause, Ms. Kaisi Peele
Ms. Haley Debnam, Mr. Hunter Jolicoeur, Ms. Poliana Sensi
Co-Chairs, Humanistic Committee: Dr. Hanan Elgendy and Ms. Mary Beth Wadford